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Pawmax Cat Mega Health Vita Tabs

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Cat Mega Health Vita Tabs are a chewable nutritional multi-vitamin supplement for Cats of all ages and breeds. PawMax is the most complete cat health care supplement ever developed and is 100% safe and natural, holistic approach to wellness. Your cat needs vitamins and nutrients, not just to live but to thrive. Even the most nutritional cat food cannot take into account the individual needs of each and every cat. When cats get a comprehensive variety of nutrient levels, they live longer and healthier lives. That’s why more and more veterinarians suggest giving cats a complete multi-vitamin/mineral supplement every day.

  • Reverse Aging
  • Reduce Vet Bills
  • Promotes Complete Health & Wellness
  • Complete Nutritional Support
  • Put The Bounce Back In Their Step!


Best if taken with food to minimize stomach discomfort.
Adult Cats – 4 tablet per day (2 tablets 2 times per day)
Kittens – 2 tablets per day (1 tablet 2 times per day)


900 IU Vitamin A, 50 IU Vitamin D3, 5 IU Vitamin E, 0.002 mg Vitamin K, 20 mg Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), 2 mg Thiamine, 2 mg Riboflavin, 5 mg Niacinamide, 2 mg Pyridoxine, 0.002 mg Folic Acid, 0.002 mg Biotin, 0.002 mg Vitamin B12, 5 mg Pantothenic Acid, 2 mg PABA, 5 mg Choline (Bitartrate), 2 mg Inositol, 10 mg DL Methionine, 5 mg Cystine, 10 mg Betaine HCl, 5 mg Lecithin, 25 mg Linoleic Acid, 10 mg Gamma Linolenic Acid, 50 mg Calcium (Bonemeal), 25 mg Phosphorus (Bonemeal), 1.5 mg Magnesium (Citrate), 0.250 mg Potassium (Citrate), 200 mg Taurine, 1.5 mg Iron (Peptonate), 0.030 mg Copper (Gluconate), 1 mg Zinc (Gluconate), 0.040 mg Iodine (Kelp), 0.0035 mcg Chromium (Yeast), 0.0035 mg Selenium (Yeast), 600 mg Desiccated Liver, 100 mg Perna Canaliculus.