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We have 2 boxers, both 8 years old. About a year ago our male was limping, yelping when he walked and constantly biting at his paws. The vet did tests and x-rays and said there was no sign of arthritis, but to bring him relief he was put on a drug therapy. Every time I would try to cut the dosage back, the symptoms would reoccur. I did a lot of research, which led me to the PawMax Formula. He has been taking it for just over 2 months and the difference is remarkable. Off the drug therapy completely and jumps around like a puppy! It is such a wonderful product that I give it to both of my dogs. Thank you for creating such a great product. Jen T,  Granite City

My 5 month old male German Shepherd was limping badly from a degenerative joint condition. After 6 months on the PawMax Formula he does not limp anymore and plays with his ball for hours! Now his West German show lines shine through as he gaits and throws his beautiful legs out to prance! I have breeding German Shepherds for over 25 years and believe me these product is wonderful! My whole kennel is on the PawMax formula and every puppy leaves here with a bottle. Preventative measures can save you a lot of money and the health of your pets. Thank you PawMax for making quality products for our pets! Sandy R,  MICHIGAN

I feed my cats and dogs a homemade diet and use PawMax for dogs and for cats as a simple and effective means to assure that their recommended vitamin and mineral needs are established daily.  I appreciate that the source of the ingredients are listed and of excellent quality. This product easily recommends itself to anyone interested in elevating and supporting their pet's health. Diana T, OREGON

My 14 year old female cat acts years younger since taking your PawMax for cats. It's wonderful to see her running and playing again. Thank you for your wonderful product. B, Jezek - NC

I have a 12 year old German Shepard that  had hip surgery last year. Prior to and even after the surgery, she wasn't doing well. She seemed very uncomfortable and hardly moved.  An orthopedic vet who sent me to a neurologist, who sent me back to the orthopedic vet. I decided to try the PawMax formula and I couldn't believe the results! Within days she began moving with no problems, and was walking around whereas before, she would lay down continuously. I couldn't believe my eyes, and I see that she feels better. I wanted to let you know how wonderful the PawMax formula  is and I am truly amazed at how quickly I saw results. In fact, she walks and moves better now on your product than she did after she recovered from her hip surgery. Thanks!" Elizabeth D

This review is from: PawMax Hip and Joint Chews:

My little Chihuahua is particular about her meds and her treats. She loves this supplement. I had to discontinue giving them to her as she was put on a dog food for dogs with allergies. They are just the right size for small dogs. Pat S - KANSAS  

This review is from: PawMax-Plaque Free

GREAT product! MY cat loved it!..I got the PawMax Plaque Free product 3 weeks ago and not only does my cat love his food even more, but I've also seen great a improvement with his teeth. I took my cat, Picho, to the vet for a check-up, and my vet also noticed Picho's teeth are much better than before. I showed my vet the product and he looked at the ingredients and said it's a good product with natural ingredients!

Picho- Miami, FL

This review is from: PawMax-Plaque Free

Easy to use, way easier than brushing my Labs teeth with a finger brush. Cleaned all of the brown off of his canine teeth. Just dump it on the food and your all set. It shipped fast and it works great. I strongly recommend this product for your Dog

KiKi- NY

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