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Small Dogs (under 20lb's)

Small dog breeds are different from large breeds in many ways. Most have a much higher energy rate and metabolism, they tend to live about 50% longer and they require much less food than larger breeds. Even the premium quality dog foods on the shelf today lack important nutrients that your dogs requires. Vitamin deficiency can lead to a weakened immune system which can cause a variety of illnesses, allergies and disease. PawMax Pet Supplements will bridge the gap to be sure your pooch gets the essential nutrients to live the healthy lifestyle he deserves.[/content_three_quarter]
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Medium Dogs (21 to 69lb's)

Medium dog breeds such as Pit Bulls beagles, Boston Terriers, Cocker Spaniels etc. (just to name a few) are wonderful pets, not too big, not too small. Many medium sized dogs require only moderate exercise. They rely on their owners to provide them with the proper balance of diet and exercise so they can live life to the fullest. PawMax Pet Supplements will give them the extra edge to help them feel great and stay healthy and strong.[/content_three_quarter]
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Large Dogs (Over 70lb's)

Large dog breeds have many advantages such as having relaxed temperaments, they need less exercise than many smaller breeds, and most make great guard dogs. These amazing creatures are at our mercy for their health and well being. Unfortunately, they have a shorter lifespan than smaller dogs and are more prone to suffer from a variety of afflictions. Many can be prevented with proper care and nutrition.  PawMax Pet Supplements will provide the missing links to add years to your best friend’s life.[/content_three_quarter]
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Dog Arthritis

Dog Arthritis can affect dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. Large breeds are more susceptible but small dogs are not immune by any means. Heavy and overweight dogs are especially prone to developing this debilitating disease. Check for signs of pain such as limping, reduced activity and unusual aggression etc.Don’t ignore the signs! PawMax Hip and Joint supplements can dramatically decrease pain and help maintain and restore healthy joint function.[/content_three_quarter]

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